Livefloww Technologies

About Us

Hi there! We are a small tech startup based in Southend-on-Sea which is looking to revolutionise the market for business analytics, providing data-driven insights in an engaging, accessible format to all business owners. Furthermore, we have developed an AI algorithm to forecast future sales and determine subsequent staff requirements to manage resources more efficiently.

Our Story

The idea behind Livefloww originated at the LSE campus library, where a member of staff would visit every floor of the gigantic building with a counter in their hand, clicking away to determine how many students were busy studying. And this happened three times a day. Every day.

This led us to consider this problem from the businesses’ perspective – how could you possibly know the conversion and bounce rates of the people who visit your store? How much time do they spend looking at that new product on your shelves? However, implementing a ‘virtual people counter’ is not the root of the innovation – it lies in the live provision of such data for every area of your store. This means that you can direct more staff to the busiest areas, assess clusters of demand (be that time or location) and even make forecasts of future sales through our AI model.

And thus, we got to work. Developing our first prototype after several months of careful planning, designing and programming, we are happy to introduce Livefloww as a compact device that can be placed in any part of your premises.

Our Team

Our founder is a student at the London School of Economics who is very passionate about coding and anything tech-related. Always on the lookout for new ideas that would improve our lives and help the global economy to prosper.

Our CTO is a PhD data scientist, software developer and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in technology and business. Having led projects for the United Nations, UK Ministry of Defence and British Transport Police, he is the best person to direct the technical aspects of Livefloww.